City of Gordon Police Department

Gordon, GA


The City of Gordon Police Department is a full service police agency that provides 24-hour emergency and non emergency services.

The Department has a total of 30 members with members assigned to Patrol, Investigative (Detective) and Administrative divisions.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Gordon Police Department is to efficiently provide quality service to our community and citizens of Gordon by promoting a safe environment through a police-citizen partnership.

Our Vision

We will be the model of a responsive, coordinated, composite statewide police department; independent yet supportive of allied law enforcement agencies. We are committed to the utmost professionalism in delivering all-encompassing police services. We continually strive to develop the skills of our members and to efficiently and effectively manage our resources as we carry out our public responsibilities.

Our Values

Integrity – We will maintain the highest degree of moral and ethical standards by conducting ourselves in a manner beyond reproach in both our professional and personal lives.

Fairness – We will be consistent in our treatment of each other and in our service to the community by exercising good judgment, objectivity, and impartiality in our actions.

Compassion – We will have the courage to be patient, understanding, and sensitive to the needs of the community and each other, treating all with respect and dignity.

Professionalism – We will take pride in providing the highest level of service by being cooperative, well trained, disciplined, and dedicated to continuous improvement.  


Jobs at City of Gordon Police Department

There are no jobs listed at this time.

City of Gordon Police Department
105 Railroad Street, Gordon, GA