Police Officer

City of Moline   Moline, IL   Full-time     Law Enforcement / Security
Posted on April 30, 2024
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Continuous Recruitment - No Deadline to Apply

Salary and Benefits:

  • Starting Pay: $63,180/year (beginning July 2024)
  • Excellent Health Benefits and Pension
  • Uniform Allowance: $800/year
  • Firearms Proficiency Pay: Up to $360/year
  • Physical Fitness Incentive: $200/year
  • Shift Differential: $0.45/hour for 2nd shift and $0.55/hour for 3rd shift


  • 16-week police academy with full pay, benefits, and housing provided
  • In-house training after completion of police academy

Probationary Period:

  • 12 months for those already certified as Illinois law enforcement officers
  • 18 months for all others

Age and Residency:

  • 21-34 years of age to apply (see exceptions in application packet)
  • Must live within a 40-mile radius of 1630 8th Avenue in Moline within 2 years of hire (includes Illinois and Iowa)
  • $100 per month living allowance for Moline residents (see details in application packet)
  • Additional requirements contained in further in application packet

Job Characteristics:

Under general supervision, performs a variety of routine tasks requiring application of judgement based on knowledge gained through experience and training and occasionally exercises independent judgement when dealing with emergency situations. Is responsible for the protection of life and property and the preservation of order in the City of Moline through enforcement of laws and ordinances. Work normally consists of pro-active patrol responding to calls for service, traffic regulation and investigative duties in a designated area of the city. May also be assigned to specialized units responsible for follow-up investigations, self-initiated criminal investigations, traffic enforcement and other support or staff services. Performs other duties as assigned.

Examples of Duties

  • Conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations as assigned requested directly by a citizen or self-initiated.
  • Patrol a designated area by mechanical or physical conveyance to protect life and property; preserve order; prevent and discover criminal acts; and enforce appropriate federal, state and local law through arrests, citations, or other means.
  • Communicate as appropriate through electronic, oral or written means, factual information ascertained through investigation, observation or other sources.
  • Cooperate in the adjudication of criminal, traffic or civil cases by providing testimony or evidence at court proceedings, inquests, depositions or other judicial processes.
  • Seek and develop public contacts and confidential sources with respect to places and persons suspected of criminal activity.
  • Maintain good interpersonal and working relations with officers and employees of the department and other agencies.
  • Give presentations and lectures to the public on various facets of police service, public safety education and community programs.
  • Communicate information of criminal activity or problems to appropriate divisions, sections or supervisors of the police department and other appropriate agencies.
  • Maintain broad knowledge of federal, state and local laws and the application of enforcement principles.

Required Training and Experience:

High school diploma or GED equivalent; ability to successfully complete the Illinois Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officers Training Board Basic Recruit Training; must possess a valid Illinois driver's license or equivalent.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions; good social and general intelligence.
  • Skill in the use of firearms.
  • Ability to exercise good judgement and establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with peers, superiors, other agencies and the general public.


City of Moline

619 16th St.
Moline , IL